This is the story

Behind Savour select

Every Savour select shoe has a handmade print. These prints are all designed by the founders, Mike & Daniëlle. The ideas for the sneakers all start with these prints, after which the shoe comes to life by picking matching colors and the perfect materials. All of Savour select’s shoes are handmade from the finest materials in Portugal. We also do a quality control check to ensure that we select the best quality for you!

High quality

We only use the best materials from Italy, such as the most elegant nubuck, finest nappa leather and the best quality of calf leather. In addition, we provide extra comfort by putting a soft inlay in our shoes.


There is a maximum of only 50 pairs of shoes made from every design. This ensures that you are the only one (among 49 others) who is walking in these shoes in the whole world! (Fun fact: There are almost 8 billion people on the planet…)


Every pair of shoes comes with extras. You receive spare laces and shoe care products to keep your shoes in the best condition. Furthermore, you receive the shoes in a magnetic shoebox that is too pretty not to keep.

The story begins

Savour select, a Dutch based luxury footwear brand for men, was founded in 2017 by Mike Serra & Daniëlle Hesling.

The brand was born out of Mike & Daniëlle’s passion for shoes, quality products, creativity and a craving for exclusivity, as there is already so much mass production.

Discover the shoes

Meet the founders

Mike Serra

Mike has a background in the architecture and food industry. Those industries inspire him to design the Savour select sneakers.
He is very passionate about shoes and has a love for fashion from the day he could afford to go shopping. Mike is always looking for new trends and he is responsible for designing all our sneakers.

Daniëlle Hesling

Daniëlle started in the footwear industry by the age of 14. She never left the footwear industry as it’s one of her passions.
Her inspiration comes from architecture, interior design, art and fashion. She is responsible for the marketing, communication and customer support.