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Maintenance Product Kit


By using this cream your shoes retain their original suppleness and appearance. The leather is also fed and stitching remains smooth and strong.


Clean & Care tips
1. First, clean the shoe with the cleaning cloth to remove the dirt. For an optimal result, clean the edges, seams and stitches as well. You can use an old toothbrush for this! (Tip: remove the laces so that they do not get dirty.)
2. Apply a small layer of shoe polish to the polishing cloth and rub it carefully over the shoe. Be careful with the shoe polish, it should be absorbed into the leather and should not sit on the shoe.
3. Put the shoe in a dry place to dry for a while. (Note: Not near the heating)
4. Lastly, rub the shoes with the polishing cloth or a T-shirt to make them shine like never before!


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